Easy Fast C OBD II CNG



The EASY FAST C-OBD II machine is designed to convert and expand engines from 2 to 8 cylinders and is featured by using incredibly advanced and reliable technology. It's quite simple and intuitive to reduce the time of its calibration. The elements are built-in to minimize the amount of space required and additionally decreases the set up time.

  • Reducer : It is adjusts and reduces the stress of gas considering the requirement.
  • Injector Rail : Injector performs very important role as it sequentially injects the right amount of CNG into the cylinder.
  • Filter : It has sensors which measure the temperature and pressure of the gas and for this reason manifold pressure.
  • Changeover Switch : This allows buyer or user to swap between gas and petrol in accordance to the drivers need and timely shows the stage of gas presence in the tank.
  • Gas ECU : ECU receives a variety of types of signal from various sensors which calculates and gives the parameters of the gas amount to be injected.
  • Sensor: The sensors measure the strain of the gas and the manifold pressure.