Easy Fast C OBD II CNG



The new system E-GO suggests the essence of Lovato's innovation and it has been developed for engines from 2 to 4 cylinders. The system has compact ECU, the sensor and filter adapts any engine type. Moreover it is also convenient to preserve injection, this system is extra flexible and Easy-Going.

  • Reducer: This is the device through which the liquid gas is turned in to gaseous phase, by reducing and adjusting its pressure in the engine.
  • Sensor: measures the pressure of the fuel and the manifold pressure.
  • Filter: This device filtrates the gas, it has sensors that is aware and measure temperature, pressure of the gas and numerous pressure.
  • Injector Rail: Injector rail sequentially corrects the quantity of gas into every cylinder.
  • Changeover Switch: Aids customers to change between gas and petrol which suggests the level of fuel in the tank.
  • Gas ECU: ECU helps to receive signals from a number of sensors, calculates and provides the specifications for gas operation.