Easy Fast C OBD II CNG



The SMART ExR system is designed to transform and improve engines from 2 to 4 cylinders. It is featured by rather advanced and reliable technology. It's very simple and intuitive to reduce the time of its calibration. The elements are combined to lower down the amount of space and the installation time.

  • CNG Filling valve : This unique instrument aids to fill the cylinder with ease.
  • CNG Tank : This tank is used to preserve CNG in gaseous phase.
  • Cylinder Valve : Valve helps fuel to circulate and move in and out of the tank. This device additionally helps to measures level of gas in the tank and is designed with various security devices.
  • Reducer : It is adjusts and reduces the stress of gas considering the requirement.
  • Injector Rail : Injector performs very important role as it sequentially injects the right amount of CNG into the cylinder.
  • Filter : It has sensors which measure the temperature and pressure of the gas and for this reason manifold pressure.
  • Changeover Switch : This allows buyer or user to swap between gas and petrol in accordance to the drivers need and timely shows the stage of gas presence in the tank.
  • Gas ECU : ECU receives a variety of types of signal from various sensors which calculates and gives the parameters of the gas amount to be injected.